Idra Web Solutions

Milen Deyanov - Idra Web Solutions Founder

Who is behind IWS

Hello my name is Milen Deyanov and I am the founder of Idra Web Solutions. My journey into the world of web design and programming began 9 years ago, sparked by web-based games and their nature of allowing people to connect anytime, anywhere. To me, it felt like magic - I had little idea of how websites were made and how this was even possible! This curiosity drove me to explore various areas of web design and programming over the years, eventually guiding me to establish Idra Web Solutions — a place that combines all of my past experiences and truly feels like home. My passion for creating meaningful connections through digital spaces is at the core of everything I do, pushing me to constantly innovate my processes and deliver impactful solutions for my clients.

How it started

The decision to specialize in web design and online marketing specifically for architects began quite uniquely - through a close friendship. Me and my best friend(who always aspired to be an architect) would gather daily, working from morning until dawn without watching the clock. I would create websites, and he would work on architectural projects. Our fields seemed worlds apart, yet we would still seek each other's advice, striving to be as objective as possible. Gradually, we started to understand more about each other's fields and witness the daily struggles. I began to really enjoy architecture and would jokingly put images of his projects on my websites. This is when a realization struck me - why not apply my skills where I have the most firsthand experience? He found himself on countless calls every day, many of which turned out to be irrelevant, or there were none at all.What if, instead, he could engage in conversations with individuals who were well-informed about his work style, had a deeper understanding of the services he offers, and had the opportunity to view his projects beforehand to form their own opinions?

Founder with best friend

Me and my best friend when we were 13 years old.

He admitted that the best part of his profession is the act of doing the work itself, focusing on being an architect and dedicating more time to his craft, rather than being bogged down by endless calls and distractions. It sounded just like something I could help with. Let's create a portfolio website featuring projects, detailed services, an FAQ section and systems that would target ideal customers. It made so much sense to me, I could combine what I love doing with something I always enjoyed to observe. This is how my interest into architecture websites became stronger and has now gradually shifted to being my only priority.

Founder with best friend

My mission

My mission is to simplify architects lives. There's a growing demand for their services, yet many architects face challenges like shortage of clients, dealing with difficult clients, or spending too much time on tasks unrelated to their actual work. I've noticed that architects, just like my friend, are passionate about their craft and would rather concentrate on their architectural work than on the pursuit of new clients. To tackle these challenges, my approach is straightforward yet effective. By showcasing architects' projects online and pinpointing the right audience, I aim to streamline the process of attracting genuine, interested clients. If this resonates with you, I'd be happy to have a chat and see if we can work together!